New lift at Midsomer Norton Town Hall

Work is set to start on the installation of a new lift at Midsomer Norton Town Hall as part of the Asset Transfer deal with Bath & North East Somerset Council.

The work is due to begin on Monday 1st April 2019. Whilst in the long term the thousands of visitors to the Town Hall will be able to enjoy the benefits of a state of the art £70,000 new lift, in the short term there will by definition be some disruption as work takes place. During the work replacement time there will only be access by the staircases to the Assembly Room.

Film screenings will continue at the Community Cinema, as will the Paradis Trio with ‘Stair Marshals’ on hand to assist. However, for anyone who is completely unable to manage the stairs we apologise in advance that we will have no way of getting you up and down whilst the lift is being fitted.

We are very grateful to B&NES for funding and taking on this work – it would be something we could never afford ourselves – however we do apologise for the disruption and inconvenience. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this period.

We will keep you updated as much as possible and will let everyoneknow when the new lift is up and running. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.